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DIY Eye Cream + Don’t forget to enter the giveaway!

Welcome to our final week of the DIY Beauty series! I am so excited for you all to try this simple DIY eye cream recipe! It only has three ingredients and I bet you have at least one ingredient already on hand. All you will need is coconut oil, vitamin E oil and your...

DIY Facial Moisturizer + What Not To Do!

I love blogging because I can be real with you. I've had my ups and downs with the little experiments that I have done and this one was definitely a learning experience! I decided to makeĀ "DIY: Make Your Own All-Natural Moisturizing Face Cream" from Catherine with...

Chamomile Lavender Facial Cleanser

This week in the DIY Beauty series, we are making our own facial cleanser! This is a very simple recipe meant to wash away any dirt and oils accumulated during the day. This face wash is not for a specific skin type but can be used by anyone. If you have a specific...