Hi Bold & Free Babes! I have been slightly absent from blogging while I got settled into my new place in the San Francisco Bay! Fear not, I have not forgotten about you and have been buzzing with ideas on what’s next for Bold & Free. In the meantime, I have some really exciting news to share with you! A few months ago, I became an ambassador for a company called Glass Ladder & Co. This company is my kind of company. They empower women to build their empires in style. They sell fashionable business accessories and provide articles to help women gain confidence and master success in business. They had a few openings to be a guest blogger a few months ago so I submitted my pitch to them. They loved what I had to say and selected me to write a featured post for their brand. I am so honored that they chose me and I am beyond thrilled to have published my first blog post for a company.

I can’t stop smiling!


Today, Glass Ladder & Co published my article on their website. I am ecstatic and I really wanted to share it with you. My guest article is all about staying motivated while building your dream business and working a 9-5. This resonates with me so much because I am working toward my dream and working full time. Building a business while working full time is tough and my goal with this article is to give you tips and tricks on how manage it in a total boss babe way.

I show you how to manage a 9-5 while building the business of your dreams.

Throughout my article, I give you three tips on how to stay motivated while juggling your dream business and working full time. Hint, hint… I talk about taking breaks, moving forward with inspired action and celebrating your small wins. I encourage you to read it and share it with anyone who might find it beneficial. This is such an accomplishment for me and let me tell you why…


When I was in second grade, I just started learning how to read. I was behind in all my classes and I had no idea why I was struggling so much. I found out that I had a learning disability that impaired my ability to read and I had to get tutored frequently after school in order to get me to a point that was satisfactory for my grade level. Little did I know, this disability affected me in many ways and I never would have thought I would be able to read and write at the same level as my peers. I was embarrassed as a young child. This followed me throughout middle school and high school. However, this disability taught me how to be resilient, to never give up and always go for more. I never let anyone but my family know how much I was struggling.

As an adult, I think back on that dark time…

If I were to tell myself as a young child that I would graduate high school, move on to get my bachelor’s degree and then graduate my master’s degree with honors, I wouldn’t have believed it. These accomplishments were from years of tears, pain and challenge but also years of strength and power. I believed that I would be successful and that NO ONE would stop me. Why am I telling you this? You have so much power inside of you. I could barely formulate a sentence in the second grade and now I have a featured article in a beaming new company who wanted to give me a chance.

You get to write your own story. My hope is that sharing my story with you is that you take it as an example that anything is possible. You are gold, you are passion, you are beautiful and nothing can stop you. Anything is possible if you believe in yourself and never give up. While my article is not about my story, it is written with my story in mind. I would have never imagined running a women empowerment business, blogging and being chosen to guest write an article for an amazing company. The moral of why I’m saying this to you is to show you that you are possible and anything your mind can dream up will become a reality if you just believe in it. You can read my article by clicking here. I would love to know how you liked the article and if it helped you in any way.

Until next time, my loves.

Be bold to live free, xo Aimée