Interviewing can be scary! I know this first hand from interviewing at plenty of places in my career. When I landed a role as a recruiter a few years back, I learned two things. First, I absolutely LOVED helping people find their confidence. Second, I decided that recruiting was not the right profession for me. I know what you might be thinking. Aimée, why are you writing a blog post about interview tips if you don’t like recruiting?! Well, this post is not about recruiting. My goal is to empower you with the knowledge I’ve learned over the years! It’s about helping you find the confidence you need in a job interview to get the job that you have always dreamed of! I learned so many skills when I worked for a recruiting company and many other companies that I feel so many people could find value from these tips. Most of this information is on the internet at your disposal, but it can totally be confusing.

Trust me, I get it!


After talking with so many women over the last few months as I worked on my personal development, I realized that confidence is something that is so important but many women have trouble getting in tune with the confidence inside of them. This caused a burning passion inside of me wanting to help as many women as I could in understanding their self worth and confidence! So, that’s when I decided to take Bold & Free into this new era of empowering women. I could not be more excited for this movement to help women become entrepreneurs, CEOs and anything they can dream up.

The first thing I felt inspired to do was help you gain confidence in a job interview. As a former recruiter, I took inspired action and wrote you all some beautiful interview tips that will help you snag that job.

Get excited!

These tips are very easy to understand and will help you get excited, prepared and most of all confident in your skills. In these interview tips, you will learn why research is so important. You will also learn popular interview questions and the STAR method. We will talk about mastering your mindset before your interview and why preparation is key! Download your interview tips below:

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I really hope you enjoyed these tips and took something out of them. My hope is that you will use the skills learned to get the job of your dreams! You are so worth it and you deserve great success. Please share these tips with anyone who could benefit from them.

Be bold to live free, xo Aimée

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