Who wants to re-grow vegetables?!

For the month of June, I wanted to try something different. I’ve never really had a green thumb but I’ve seen so many articles and blog posts about growing your own vegetables from home. Of course, I had to jump on the bandwagon and try it myself. Re-growing table scraps has become very popular lately as many are trying to find ways to save money and use unwanted parts of vegetables.

I live in the state of Arizona and it’s already over 100 degrees here! I am so not ready for the heat. I needed to find four vegetables that would be able to live inside the home since it’s too hot outside to plant anything at the moment. I read through a lot of different articles and found this handy dandy article that talks about 13 different vegetables that re-grow great in the home. After reading through the article, I decided to re-grow green onions, carrots, garlic and celery! I will go into depth for each vegetable throughout the month and the lessons I have learned in this process.

Let’s get started!

How many times have you used the green stalk of green onions in recipes but have thrown away the white bulb that is left over? Did you know that green onions can actually re-grow themselves from the white bulb that we normally tend to throw away? We Are Foodies intrigued me is their article about vegetables as they explained how easy it is to re-grow green onions! It’s quite simple and you’ll be happy with how quickly green onions sprout.


All you will need is a clear glass, the cut bulbs with a little of the green stalk remaining and water. Fill the glass of water to cover half of the bulbs. Do not overfill as the sprouts will not grow if they are submerged fully into water. You will want to place the green onions on a window sill that gets some sunlight and change the water every three days. The more sun they get, the faster they will grow. I saw growth after just a few days.

This is two weeks of growth!

In just one week, I had enough fresh green onions ready to be eaten! All you have to do is cut them when you are ready to eat them and it’s like an endless supply of green onions!

This vegetable was super easy to re-grow but others can be a little more difficult to maintain. Next week, I will show you my attempt at re-growing carrots! They have been slightly more work but I have seen some progress. Feel free to comment below with any ideas on re-growing vegetables and what you would love to try to re-grow!

Be bold to live free, xo Aimée

“An apple a day, keeps the doctor away!” – Anonymous