Happy Easter, everyone!

I hope you all are enjoying time with your friends and family. Today has been a day of reflection for me about my life and my journey with this blog. I am so thankful that God gave his one and only son to redeem hope and love across the nations. I am beyond blessed for the gift of life and the abundance of grace that Jesus has given to me. This blog has blessed me beyond belief! I am astounded by the success and encouragement Bold & Free has brought not only to me but to you, my readers. My prayer is that I can continue to provide you with fun and exciting content that will help you be bold in your life in order to live free. I hope that you keep on reading as this journey is becoming quite an amazing adventure!

Travel Hacks 103: How to snack right

We all know what a drag it can be to have to shell out a ton of cash on food while traveling. As a budget traveler, I always try to save money by bringing some of my own snacks. Yeah, I know it won’t last me the whole trip but why not save a few bucks in the beginning? I love snacking, which is why it’s very important for me to snack right. Snacking right does not mean I can’t snack at all. It simply means coming up with healthier alternatives than your basic potato chips and protein bars. We all know both are loaded with salt and sugar, which can get very unhealthy quickly.

I’ve come up with three healthy snacks that will help you get through those times when you need something to munch on. I love all three of these snacks because they are totally guilt free and delicious! I don’t know about you but I love salty snacks. Whenever I can get my hands on a bag of chips, they are gone in about 5 minutes. While not all salty snacks are created equal, there is one that you can feel good about making at home: popcorn! Homemade popcorn is very simple and you can make your popcorn the way you like it, salty or sweet. It’s also very easy to store so you can pack a few bags in your suitcase for a quick snack while in a plane, train, car, etc.

Homemade popcorn is very simple. All you will need is popping corn, two paper lunch bags and spices. Measure out 1/3 cup of the popping corn and place into one of the paper bags.

Sprinkle a dash of your chosen spices onto the popping corn. Salt and cinnamon are my toppings of choice. Place the second paper bag over the bag with the popping corn, enclosing them together.

Tip the bag onto its side and shake the popping corn to evenly distribute the kernels in the bag. Microwave the bag on its side for two minutes.

Shake the popcorn and then pull one of the paper bags off, revealing the popcorn. Sprinkle with your favorite seasonings and enjoy! You can find the full detailed description of the recipe here.

This popcorn will be as healthy as you want it to be as you have control over what seasonings you put on it. It’s not greasy at all because no butter or oil is added. It’s such a great alternative to potato chips! The next snack is one that you will recognize. It’s completely customizable and healthy: homemade trail mix! Most trail mixes are high in fat, which causes it to be an unhealthy option as a snack. When you make trail mix at home, you can control exactly which ingredients to use. This snack is really easy to pack to take with you on your travels. It also lasts for many months, if kept in a dry place.

I looked in my pantry and found that I had many ingredients on hand to make my own trail mix. The key to making your own trail mix is to understand what ingredients make up trail mix. It’s important to create a healthy balance of nuts, seeds, dried fruit and any fun extra ingredients.

I made my own trail mix with dried cranberries, raisins, sunflower seeds, honey roasted peanuts, cashews, roasted almonds and chocolate chips. It’s a perfect balance of salty and sweet! I encourage you to make your own trail mix. It’s so easy and I bet that you have many ingredients already in your pantry. Click here for the full recipe.

The final snack is seriously the easiest snack to make. It’s so simple, you may laugh at how easy it is. I didn’t even think about making this snack until one of my acquaintances mentioned to me that her mom does this all the time. We all know that grapes are a flavorful and yummy fruit. But, have you ever thought about freezing them? When I was told about how frozen grapes make a refreshing snack, I had to try it.

I am in love with frozen grapes! They taste kind of like ice cream bites but without the calories. All you do is wash them off and put them in a freezer bag. Let them freeze overnight and now you have a treat the whole family will love. This snack would be good for shorter travel times as they will need to be eaten within a few hours after they pulled out of the freezer. Try it! I bet you will love it.

Eating healthy while traveling does not have to be difficult. Unhealthy snacking can be so detrimental to your health as it can create very bad habits…like eating potato chips every day. Making small changes to your snacking habits will benefit your body. I know that when I usually go on vacation, I occasionally let myself cheat on eating healthy. However, it does not have to be that way. If you start your travels off right by bringing your own homemade healthy snacks, it will make you more aware to making better decisions while you are away.

Another great way to healthful snacking is to bring fresh fruit with you. Some fruits travel better than others, such as apples and oranges. I also find that if you travel with just ripe bananas, they will hold up well. Bananas can be tricky to travel with so it’s important to pack them appropriately. I love apples, bananas and oranges. They make great travel snacks. What’s your favorite travel snack?

Have a great Easter and enjoy the upcoming week!

Be bold to live free, xo Aimée

“Think before you snack.” – Hua Mulan