February is the month of love!

While some of us really enjoy this time of the year, others do not feel the same. To be honest, I have never really been a fan of Valentine’s Day. Okay, I know what you’re thinking. This girl hates love. I do not hate love! I love love but sometimes this can be a very hard time for people who are single or have experienced loss in their lives. I want February to be the month where we can truly love ourselves. There is so much good about you! You are unique, lovable and most of all, you are perfect. This month, we will focus on loving ourselves more. It’s time that we put the negativity away and we focus on being better to ourselves. This positivity will not only greatly impact you but it will impact those around you. So, enjoy February and join the movement to “Love Yourself.”

Love Yourself – Relax More

One way that I love myself is to relax more. We all have stressful lives. I get it, I am right there with you! My job can be very stressful and sometimes, I need to find an outlet to release my stress. Normally, I go for ice cream and wine! But, I have been focusing on healthier ways to relax. I have tried many things to determine what relaxes me and I have found two things that help me be in the moment and relax my mind. When I first started out in the corporate world, I suffered from major insomnia. I tried numerous medications and natural herbs but nothing worked so I decided to try something new. Surprisingly, the two things that help me not only relax more but to sleep better is to do bedtime yoga and take a bath!

I know these two things sound so simple but they truly help me unwind. The first thing I would do is get into some comfy clothes. Make sure that you are comfortable enough to focus on your body and not on the clothes that you are wearing. Turn down the lights and keep a dim light on, such as a candle or a Scentsy pot. You want to get in the moment. I would also put on some soothing music that will help you quiet your mind. I found an awesome bedtime yoga video on YouTube. I have tried many videos but the one I enjoy the most is “Bedtime Yoga” with Adrienne. There have been numerous times where I would fall asleep on my yoga mat because of how relaxed I am. If you struggle to relax or fall asleep, try yoga. I have been truly blessed by yoga and I know you will too! Let me know how you like the video!

If you are still struggling to unwind after trying yoga, my second recommendation is to take a bath. A simple bath has so many health benefits. It helps with blood circulation, clearing sinuses, calming the mind and relaxing muscles. I like to add essentials oils into my baths to provide even more benefits. If I am really struggling to fall asleep, I will put a few drops of lavender oil in my bath. This makes such a difference.

Our skin is the largest organ of our body. Adding essential oils into our baths will directly transmit into our bodies through the water. Take a look here at an article that talks about how bathing positively benefits our health! I have found that bathing relaxes my mind and body. I enjoy experimenting with different essential oils and detox baths because of the positive effects that it has on me.

Bedtime yoga and bathing are the two things that I do the most often to relax. Each of us will have our own tactics to relaxation and I am interested to hear what you do to relax! Feel free to comment with your suggestions to relaxation as I am sure it will benefit all of the Bold & Free readers! The key tip this week is to relax more. Find something that you love to do that calms your mind. There will be exponential benefits to doing it more often!

Be bold to live free, xo Aimée

“Relax! Life is beautiful!” -David L. Wolper

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